ROYAL JELLY Jelly Crystals is the most refreshing and light dessert you can enjoy!
The great variety of flavors available, provides a lot of options: Strawberry , Cherry, Pineapple, Banana, Orange, Lemon or Apricot. By adding pieces of fresh fruit, you provide an extra fruity flavor turning fruit jelly into a delicious dessert.
Besides the unique flavor and freshness that it offers, fruit jelly contains elements valuable to the human organism. ROYAL JELLY Jelly Crystals contains gelatin which has beneficial effects on the digestive system. At the same time, it makes the eyes twinkle, the hair shine, and the skin fresh. Enjoy ROYAL JELLY Jelly Crystals any time of the day!
ROYAL JELLY Light Jelly Crystals, with sweeteners is the most light dessert you can enjoy without guilt. With just 9 calories per serving, which is as much as two cherries.
Give your life a light fruity flavor and offer your body the beneficial effect of the natural protein it contains.This natural protein is good for the digestive system and gives sparkle to your eyes, shiny hair and skin freshness. You will find it in 3 different flavors: Strawberry, Cherry and Pineapple.


  pure beef gelatine
 fumaric acid
 sodium citrat
 colouring (E122,E124,E102)

Product Description Flavor SizePacking
Jelly (Beef Gelatin) Strawberry24×80 Gr Packets
Jelly (Beef Gelatin) Banana24×80 Gr Packets
Jelly (Beef Gelatin) Pineapple24×80 Gr Packets
Jelly (Beef Gelatin) Cherry24×80 Gr Packets
Jelly Light (Beef Gelatin) Strawberry24×80 Gr Packets