Powdered Juice

The Fit range of drinks is a superior range of products designed for taste and refreshment.
Fit juices are made from the finest ingredients to deliver you a fresh and healthy drink.
So when your thirst needs to be quenched reach out and trust Fit to deliver the refreshment you need


 citric acid
sodium citrate
 identical orange flavour
 tricalcium phosphate
 artificial sweeteners (aspartame,acesulfam)
  vitamine c
  approved artificial colors (taratrazine,sunset yellow) .

Product Description FlavorSizePacking
Beverages Orange10x12x45 Gr Sachets
Beverages Mango10x12x45 Gr Sachets
Beverages Pineapple10x12x45 Gr Sachets
Beverages Lemon10x12x45 Gr Sachets